Confection workshop

The Bleu Océane clothing workshop is positioned as a true partner for the largest fashion houses in France. A relationship of trust that owes nothing to chance!

Our company with known and recognized know-how in France integrates all the operations of a textile project: sourcing materials, design office, cutting, assembly, finishing, processing and logistics.

As a French textile fabric manufacturer, we master every step of the work of making your textileproduct. The creation part of your project can therefore be taken care of from A to Z by our textile workshop. Throughout the creative process, passion, efficiency and excellence are our watchwords.

A production of excellence : your textile manufacturer combines know-how and techniques to sublimate your creative project


In our French textile workshop, cutting, manufacturing and finishing are carried out by experienced teams who constantly update their knowledge and know-how. At each stage of creation, bleu Océane aims for excellence and gives itself the means to achieve its goal by focusing on the best tailoring techniques in the textile industry.



Our team of quilters and unit and series cutters makes you benefit from its expertise on all fabrics :

  • Placement with material optimization (DIAMINO V6R2 software) ;
  • Preparation of materials ;
  • Single layer quilting with manual trolley ;
  • LECTRA automatic cutting, band saw, vertical blade chisel (TIP TOP), hand chisel, circular saw ;
  • Flat and continuous carpet thermobonding ;
  • Template cut ;
  • Packaged preparation.


Our garment mechanics work on a very diverse machine park to ensure quality work for any type of textile production :

  • Unit production Collection (unique piece manufactured individually), press (mini-series), embroidery, laser.
  • Production on the line : balancing, station layout, etc.
  • Special machine : single, double or triple drive picker, BD (remote arm), pocket plating automaton, pre-former, piping pocket automaton, eyelet or lingère buttonhole, etc.
  • Quality control during assembly: control of good conformity at each stage of assembly.


A team of hand point operators and final ironers brings the final touch to the product and gives it all its character. Their meticulous work includes :

  • Check the measurements ;
  • Quality control ;
  • Peel (cut the wires) or burn the wires ;
  • Install buttons, rivets or other accessories ;
  • Iron (iron, press, topper, mannequin, vertical legs).

Patronage, cutting, assembly, laser, washing, our French garment workshop integrates the key operations of the textile production process to guarantee the quality of each creation. Choosing our company means benefiting from a complete and personalized support for your textile project.

Leader in the production of jeans for major luxury houses in France, our textile manufacturing company stands out from other workshops by its unparalleled know-how in specific treatments. Indeed, Bleu Océane is the only French manufacture that integrates and masters the traditional treatments specific to denim canvas :

〉 Washing ;
〉 Fading ;
〉 Stone Wash ;
〉 Snow ;
〉 Bleach ;
〉 etc.

Our desire to perpetuate traditional French know-how does not prevent us from turning to new technologies. The balance between traditional know-how and innovation allows the textile industry to excel. We are convinced of that.

In line with the orientations of our most prestigious contractors, we are embarking on a transition to more environmentally friendly treatments (laser, ozone, etc.). Indeed, traditional treatments are very water-consuming processes. New processing techniques reduce this consumption to a minimum. Collaborating with our textile workshop means committing to more responsible fashion.





Processing techniques :

when passion rhymes with innovation

Business logistics :
the art of combining quality and efficiency

The company Bleu Océane has more than 7500 m² of workshops equipped with the most modern means. These vast surfaces allow our textile workshop to organize any type of production. From small to large series, we maintain the same degree of excellence for all products. If automation is a great asset, we are aware that nothing replaces expert hands! Our  teams of textile manufacturing professionals create added value with every operation.

Beyond the talent of our employees, our flawless logistics organization is based on :

• a logistics sector that manages more than 5000 references ;
• traceability of the entire flow of materials and operations via the most modern digital means ;
automated cutting ;
laser equipment  for ennobling canvases ;
• a laundromat that combines traditional means and modern equipment at the forefront of sustainable development;
• a finishing sector that certifies the conformity of clothing.

Our mastery of processes and quality allows us to meet our commitments regardless of the requirements of our customers. We guarantee agility, responsiveness and excellence.



The confection in the workshop blue Oceane way, in summary…

Bleu Océane is a very complete French textile workshop that brings together :
• a team of professionals at the service of excellent clothingshaping, luxury and fashion designers ;
more than 7500 m² of workshops equipped with a high-performance machine park ;
• a logistics sector that can manage more than 5000 references ;
• a structure that integrates the key operations of the manufacturing process  (patterning, cutting, assembly, laser, washing, compliance department) ;
• adapted, controlled and proven solutions for all production configurations,from unit parts to serial parts ;
virtuous and ecological textile treatments.