Our ambitions

Our workshop has an exceptional know-how: the art of French tailoring. Every day, we make every effort to preserve this rare and precious treasure.

To achieve this, we believe that it is essential to combine tradition and innovation.

For us, innovation is a necessary dynamic that allows the improvement of the existing. Textile manufacturing is a highly technical world that involves collaboration with talented professionals and the use of advanced and innovative machines and technologies. Bleu Océane wants to give itself the means to evolve and participate in the development of the textile industry of tomorrow.

Increase our production resources,

We want to contribute to promoting French textile confection in the heritage of France.

Historically, France has a real know-how in textiles. Our country is full of men and women driven by a passion for exceptional textile products. One of the company's projects is to maximize andincrease production resources thanks to employees trained in all our techniques,cutting, stitching and laundry.
Our modellers, seamstresses, ironers, mechanics, technicians and operators are our greatest asset. Their experience and dexterity allow our textile workshop to shape fashion pieces of impeccable quality. It is crucial for us to value their know-how and take the time to pass it on to new generations of talent. By strengthening its teams, Bleu Océane is giving itself the means to continue to support the big names in luxury and fashion in their creative process.

〉 Attract and develop new talent

〉 Promoting the economy of made in France

〉 Valuing local know-how

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Reconciling tradition and innovation

We want to continue to excel in our business by constantly improving our know-how and technicality.

We have been shaping clothes in our textile workshop for over 40 years. From the choice of fabrics to the manufacture of fashion items, we master every step of textile production. The biggest luxury houses in France renew their confidence in us season after season. The pursuit of excellence is part of our corporate culture.
It is therefore only natural that we regularly invest in innovative equipment to offer a wide range of technical solutions to our customers. These new technologies combine performance and responsibility. They thus contribute to the societal comfort of our employees and provide a strong environmental response in line with our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) evolution and those of our customers.

Resolutely turned towards the future, our company wishes  to continue to drive innovation within its textile workshop.

〉 Combining traditional know-how and state-of-the-art equipment 
〉 Optimize and facilitate textile production
〉 Modernize to live up to trends and the market

Committing to a more responsible textile industry

We want to promote and defend a more ecological and sustainable French textile industry.

Ecological textile treatments


Specialized in Denim canvas, Bleu Océane is known and recognized in France for its exceptional know-how in textile processing. Snow, bleach, stone-wash, all these processes require a very high water consumption. The company therefore wishes to move towards new treatment processes that are more virtuous and ecological.
In September 2021, our desire to promote a more responsible textile industry resulted in a major breakthrough: theinstallation of a new "clean" washing technology in the laundry sector.

A textile production chain that respects people and the environment

Our company has committed to a GOTS certification. This label dedicated to the textile industry guarantees that all stages of the manufacture of products are done with respect for the environment and employees: cultivation of cotton and other natural fibers, manufacture of fabrics, treatment of fabrics, etc. Obtaining the label is targeted for 2022.
It is essential for us to make sustainable use ofthe wealth that surrounds us. In this area, the commitment of our textile tailoring workshop is already expressed every day through concrete actions: wide implementation of organic textiles, recycling of fabric fall, etc..

Investing in equipment that is much more respectful of the environment also means meeting the expectations of our customers, who are particularly sensitive to our eco-responsible approach.

A new page in the textile industry is turning. This page will not turn without us!

〉 Helping to make the textile and fashion industry responsible

〉 Respect the environment and all living beings

〉 Ensuring that every step of textile manufacturing meets our environmental commitments

Established in the Vendée since 1973, bleu Océane has been working for decades to perpetuate a know-how made in France that the world envies us. Between modernity and tradition, know-how and technology, performance and ecology, our textile workshop will always seek the right balance to serve its passion for high-end textile products.


« A fair balance that is the sum of multiple requirements :
Crafts – Local – Excellence – Innovation – Responsibility – Ecological commitment – Sustainability – Natural fibres – Organic textiles – Recycling – Ethics »