Certification GOTS

Bleu Océane is all about satisfying its customers every day. The lasting partnerships that our workshop has forged with the largest luxury houses in France are for us the best certification.

With GOTS certification, we also want to contribute positively to the environment and the improvement of working conditions in the world of textile production. As the French leader in the production of Denim clothing, Bleu Océane wants to work every day to ensure that these values become inseparable from the textile industry.

What is GOTS certification ?


The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification is a reference label for eco-responsible clothing. 

Created in 2002, this international label used in the textile industry guarantees that a garment :

  • Meets the environmental standards of organic farming ;
  • Comes from socially responsible trade.

Recognized by the European Union, the GOTS label has a controlled appellation.




How do I get GOTS certified?

For a garment to be GOTS certified, it is necessary to label all the partners involved in its production. From the harvest of the organic cotton flower to the weaving of the fabric to the final manufacture of the garment, each actor in the production chain must benefit from the GOTS label. Annual audits are carried out at each site in the production process. Concerning Bleu Océane, the audits are carried out by ECOCERT GREEN LIFE.

The GOTS certification therefore represents a major challenge that the Bleu Océane textile clothing workshop wanted to confront.

« The Bleu Océane industrial process has been certified GOTS in June 2022 (Certificat number EGL/257948). »

What are the eco-responsible criteria required to be GOTS certified ?

GOTS certification begins at the first stage of processing a textile. Depending on the textile, the initial processing step may vary :

  • For cotton: the transformation of the material begins with the ginning of the cotton.
  • For wool: the transformation begins with the washing of the wool.

Only a textile product with a minimum of 70% organic fibers can be GOTS certified.

In fact, the label provides for two levels of certification :

  • The GOTS label "Certified Organic" (level 1) : it is affixed to textile products whose composition contains at least 95% organic fibers.
  • The GOTS label "Certified composed of organic fibers" (level 2) : it guarantees that the composition of the textile product contains at least 70% organic fibers.

An organic cotton is a cotton that has been grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides or defoliants. In addition, the cultivation of organic cotton requires a much lower water consumption than conventional cotton.

Why commit to a GOTS certification ?

If the GOTS label has such a good reputation within the textile sector, it is because it takes into account the environmental aspect of textile products AND the social dimension of their manufacture. In particular, the organization requires :

  • improving working conditions ;
  • a decent wage and regularity of employment for each stakeholder in the textile sector ;
  • the elimination of forced labour and brutal and inhuman treatment ;
  • the abolition of child labour ;
  • the abolition of discrimination.

The GOTS label is also committed to preserving the health of employees in the textileindustry. The use of several compounds classified as endocrine disruptors or carcinogens is prohibited: PVC, phthalates, aromatic solvents and azo dyes. The level of requirement of the GOTS organization makes its label the most qualitative of the certifications dedicated to the textile industry.

For our textile garment workshop, the transition to fair and ecological textile production methods is a priority. The preparation of the GOTS certification is part of the actions undertaken by our workshop to make a real CSR and environmental shift.

What are the advantages of a GOTS certified textile product?

The best fabrics and raw materials make the best clothes !

A textile product made with quality cotton lasts over time and is more environmentally friendly in the long run. The GOTS label includes several guarantees relating to the technical qualities of certified textiles.
These technical qualities include the following :

      • Friction resistance;
      • Color maintenance ;
      • Resistance to washing.

The mention of the GOTS logo on the labels of textile products is a guarantee of quality. The label is a real benchmark for consumers who wish to identify ethical ecological clothing.


Beyond the GOTS label: our vision of fashion

At Bleu Océane, we are driven by a passion for exceptional textile products.

To meet our high standards, our workshop based in France integrates all textile design and manufacturing operations. Choice of fabrics, model making, assembly of clothes, we keep control over all stages of textile production to guarantee optimal quality.
Our obsession with quality and a job well done does not make us forget the most important. Our textile workshop aims for excellence but not at any price! We wish to perpetuate our exceptional know-how in the total respect of people and the environment. We believe that the people who make the clothes are as important as those who wear the clothes.

In constant search of improvement, we make every effort to make the textile industry more responsible!