Warp and weft

The manufacture of warp and weft fabrics requires a requirement and precision at all times. Whatever the type of parts to be manufactured in warp and weft, the Bleu Océane clothing workshop has the necessary know-how and equipment.

Every day, we passionately manufacture all types of warp and weft fabrics (cotton poplin, chiffon, velvet, etc.) for the manufacture of clothing (blouses, shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, coats, jackets, coveralls, etc.) for the largest luxury houses in France.

Entrust your chain and weft project to an exceptional fabric maker!

What is a warp and weft fabric?

The warp and weft fabric is woven with armor, that is, a sequence of tangles of threads that creates a decorative or technicalpattern.

The war thread is located in the direction of the length of the fabric. The weft thread is in the direction of the width of the fabric. There are 3 main armors :

  • Canvasarmor: it is obtained by inserting alternating weft threads on warp weft threads. The fabric has the same sides place and upside down.
  • Thetwill armor: the place is different from the reverse. On the one hand, there is a preponderance of weft wires, on the other side warp threads.
  • Satinarmor: the interlacing of threads gives rise to points spaced and evenly distributed.

From these processes, our textile workshop creates and manufactures high-end quality fabrics. Our design office is involved in the modeling of clothing. It carries out technical studies for the standardization of models with a view to their industrialization.


The different types of warp and weft fabrics

Each warp and weft fabric has its specificities. Here is an overview of the composition of the main warp and weft fabrics:

  • Cotton poplin: cotton fabric with a very tight mesh.
  • The cotton veil: translucent and very thin cotton fabric ideal for making linings.
  • Cotton twill: a thicker, sturdier-looking fabric to use for jackets or coats.
  • Chambray: cotton fabric with a mottled appearance made with a white or ecru weft thread and with a colored warp thread.
  • Chiffon: fabric with very fine cotton threads intertwined.
  • Denim: jeans canvas quite rigid and thick.
  • Velvet: velvety fabric often composed of a mixture of cotton and polyester.

Equipment and specific techniques of chain and weft making

The different stages of chain and weft making require the mastery of specific techniques and the use of dedicated machines. Specialized in the manufacture of warp and weft fabrics, Bleu Océane combines know-how and technology to guarantee excellence at every stage of manufacture.

Specific machines

Our workshop for making warp and weft fabrics stands out for its quality equipment. The latter includes:

  • robots for piping (pockets and buttonholes), for plating pockets, etc.;
  • buttonholes with carnation or lingers;
  • flat machines 1, 2, 3 needles;
  • overspouts;
  • stopping points;
  • zig-zag points;
  • embroiderers;
  • thermobonders;
  • smockeuses;
  • remote arms;
  • bumblebee points.

Specific techniques

Our experts in making warp and weft fabrics master various manufacturing techniques. These include:

  • heat-adhesives;
  • parallel bites of various shapes "straight, curved, broken, round";
  • pliers, folds, fronds;
  • overspiping a thickness;
  • Surjet assemblies;
  • Overlays and applications
  • single and double hems;
  • piping pockets with or without flap, plated pockets and bellows pockets;
  • assemblies on plain fabric and fittings of "open seams, lying" patterns;
  • rib and remote stitching;
  • sliding collars and wrists;
  • Assemblies on curved lines
  • Assemblies of three thicknesses;
  • assemblies with embu;
  • the "belt, collar, wrist" folding;
  • stripping and notching;
  • the edges of the edges.

Specific clothing pieces

Precision, requirement, dedicated equipment: our warp and weft fabric workshop has the ideal environment to create exceptional products.

We can satisfy all the requirements of the creators when making a model or a collection:

  • Buttoning tab
  • All types of collars: round neck, officer collar, Claudine collar, boat neckline.
  • Ruffled steering wheel
  • Musketeer wrist
  • Tear-break slot
  • All types of sleeves: sleeve with a frowned head, raglan sleeve, straight sleeve, kimono sleeve, puffy sleeve.
  • All types of pockets: plated pocket, bellows pocket, Italian pocket.
  • Any type of hem: handkerchief hem, banded hem (invisible dots), stitched hem.
  • Pleated (sun, flat, hollow)
  • Honeycomb
  • Folds of pants broken with iron or ribbed.

« A team of ironers in progress give shape to the clothes at each stage of assembly. The final ironers bring the final touch to the model to give it all its character. »