Our values

Every day, Bleu Océane relies on fundamental values to materialize the creations of the greatest luxury houses in France.
The love of beauty and traditional know-how animate us.

The constant quest for excellence encourages us to honour our commitments and to constantly innovate. The desire for ethical and responsible fashion pushes us to evolve the textile industry towards more virtuous production processes. With already  more than 40 years of experience to our credit in the high-end textile manufacturing sector, these values have never been stronger within our company!



Bleu Océane is above all a human project that brings together women and men passionate about their profession. Their attachment to the world of textile making is expressed in many ways : 

  • Passion for materials:  our experts like to handle materials and harmonize fabrics according to the projects in which they participate. Their work leads them to sublimate a panel of very varied textiles with art and meticulousness.
  • The passion for luxury French craftsmanship: our textile workshop is proud to perpetuate French know-how recognized throughout the world.
  • The passion for the beautiful product: we take care of every step of the production with the aim of creating unique, refined and precious textile clothing and accessories. The pleasure of a job well done drives us at every moment.


Located in the heart of a historic territory of French confection, our textile manufacturing company wants to perpetuate and transmit its rare and precious know-how.

Producing absolutely perfect clothes requires a sum of know-how. We are the only company in the country that masters and integrates the entire implementation of the denim web, from material sourcing totreatments on finished products, through patronage, withdrawal management and assembly.

Our daily desire: to develop the activity on French soil so that the tradition of textile making made in France continues in the decades to come. French textile know-how is admired all over the world. In our workshop located in Beauvoir-sur-Mer in the north-west of France, we do everything for this continues for a very long time to come.



A French workshop of high-end and luxury clothing, Bleu Océane gives itself every day the means to create exceptional textile products.

We show the same rigor for small orders or large series. With each new textile manufacturing project, our level of requirement remains the same: we aim for irreproachable quality  thanks to a perfect mastery of know-how, techniques and production processes.

Discipline, attention to detail, the search for perfection, this is what characterizes our textile workshop. Every product that comes out of our workshop is unique. A rare and precious creation that we cherish to the end.



Our constant quest for excellence naturally encourages us to progress and innovate. Modern techniques facilitate the execution of human know-how. They improve the quality of work and productivity. They also make it possible to satisfy our customers' requirements in terms of respect for the environment.

Our partners know it : we use innovative technologies to optimize manufacturing processes and make the entire textile production chain more virtuous.


The ecological commitment

More than fine words, we prefer action.

Our strong orientation in sustainable development is expressed through concrete actions :

  • recycling of fabric scraps ;
  • wide implementation of organic textiles ;
  • investment in environmentally friendly textile treatments ;
  • preparation of an organic textile certification (GOTS, Global Organic Textile Standard).
    Our job is to create beauty on a daily basis. We want to continue this sublime task while preserving the beauty of our environment.


Bleu Océane is positioned as a true partner for its customers. Our textile workshop has forged relationships of trust with the largest luxury houses in France. The satisfaction of our customers is our primary obsession. We are here to support the big names in fashion in their creative process, at every stage of textile production :

• We offer a complete and quality accompaniment of the delivery of the sketch to the finished textile product.
• We manufacture each part in compliance with specifications, costs and deadlines.
• We are a force of proposals  to carry out the production of fashion designers who trust us.
• We ensure that the quality control  of our textile parts meets the expectations of our customers.


« Each customer has a dedicated contact person to promote smooth and fast communication. A confidential player in French luxury and fashion, Bleu Océane collaborates hand in hand with its partners in complete confidentiality. »