Our CSR approach

At Bleu Océane, our company's social responsibility with regard to major social and environmental challenges is an issue that is particularly close to our hearts.

Our CSR approach is reflected in concrete actions as part of a process of global and continuous improvement. This commitment to more responsible operations requires constant development. For our company, the loyalty of both our employees and our customers is the greatest reward.

What does it mean
to be a responsible company ?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is based on the requirements of ISO 26000.

Being a responsible company means making a human and environmental contribution. The various players in the textile industry around the world are often criticised for their negative impact on working conditions and the environment. Starting a CSR approach for a textile manufacturing company therefore implies an honest awareness and a real desire to move things.

As the French leader in the production of Denim clothing, Bleu Océane has the ambition to renew the textile clothing sector. Our CSR approach is based on several strategic axes in order to promote a global improvement process.


Our CSR commitments

At Bleu Océane, we maintain a relationship of trust with luxury brands for which we make high-end clothing. Each new collaboration is an opportunity for us to confirm our solidarity, our team support and our desire to act in favor of the environment.


Putting people at the centre of our business

For us, being a responsible company means above all placing people at the heart of our approach. Respect for the person within our textile workshop is expressed through listening, dialogue, team spirit and the value of a job well done. Solidarity is a value that guides us on a daily basis in our work.


Improving well-being and quality of life at work

Being a responsible company also means committing well beyond the legal obligations in terms of compliance with the Labour Code or the continuous improvement of working conditions.
At Bleu Océane, we admire the work of our employees. As we know, their know-how is the first wealth of our textile workshop. The success of our company is based above all on the individual talent ofeach  member of our team. Everything is done so that the work is pleasant on a daily basis and that  everyone finds their place within the company.

Promote a benevolent management approach

Being a responsible company also means advocating for a benevolent leadership.

The management method acclaimed by the company Bleu Océane is based on the trust, responsibility and initiative of each one. It promotes fulfillment and performance within society. We consider that each member of our company is a reliable, thoughtful, creative employee, able to make relevant decisions in accordance with our values.
Constantly looking for excellence for our customers, we do not forget that the quest for perfection is fraught with pitfalls and mistakes. The management team focuses above all on the talents and skills of each of the employees. She makes sure to be constantly available and attentive.

Manufacture in France

Being a responsible company means committing to local employment.

Our textile design and manufacturing workshop is recruiting to increase its production "made in France".
Manufacturing in France does not only mean contributing to the sustainable development of our local economy. This commitment also supports our French know-how  in the textile clothing sector.


Use responsible materials

To be a responsible company is to commit to favoring natural materials that respect our health and the environment.

The Bleu Océane garment workshop has committed to a GOTS certification,  which is targeted for 2022. The latter certifies that natural materials come from organic farming without the use of chemicals. This type of crop also has the advantage of reducing water consumption compared to traditional methods.

Limit the impact of our activities on the environment

Being a responsible company also means reducing its impact on the environment.

To go in this direction, the strategy of the company Bleu Océane goes through:
• The strengthening of "Made in France";
• The strengthening of "Made in France";
• A wide implementation of organic textiles;
• The recycling of fabric scraps;
• The accentuation of the development of own treatments;
• The repatriation of part of the processing activity previously subcontracted to Tunisia.

« These more virtuous and ecological orientations are in line with those of the prestigious clients for whom we work. This is one of the reasons that drives our renowned customers to give us and renew their trust in us with each new textile project. »