Our Story

The company Bleu Océane was born in 1973 in Challans in the heart of the Vendée,a territory in the north-west of France marked for decades by the textile tradition. Established in Beauvoir-sur-Mer in 2001, the family business remains faithful to these lands passionate about the fashion and luxury sector.

Back to the origins :
the Denim canvas,
the specialty of the Bleu Océane workshop

Behind the name Bleu Océane hides a passion, that of the Denim canvas. Years after its creation, the company is now the French leader in the manufacture of Clothing and textile accessories in Denim canvas for the most renowned fashion houses in France. A resounding success that owes nothing to chance!

The canvas of the "blue jeans" so characteristic has no secret for us. His story has always inspired us to create unique and precious fashion pieces.

Contraction of "Toile de Nîmes", the Denim canvas is originally a cotton fabric with characteristic twill armor. Its very tight weave is obtained from a blue-tinted warp and a white or unwred weft. The design of the weave consists of three weft threads that slip under a warp thread and then a weft thread that passes over it. As for the blue color, it comes at the time from a dye nicknamed "blu di genova",that is to say Blue of Genoa in Italian.

The expression "blu di genova" inspires the famous "blue jeans" which in turn blows its name to the Bleu Océane clothing workshop. One thing led to another, the passion for fashion forged imperceptible links...

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December 2020 :
a change of hands
under the sign of innovation

At the end of 2020, the takeover of Bleu Océane by two textile engineers and a third partner offers new perspectives to bleu Océane.

The presidency and business development are now held by Rodolphe Bled,a textile chemical engineer with extensive international experience. Engineer Centrale Paris and former director of factories in the luxury industry,  Emmanuel Vassort  is in charge of general management and industrial management. Stephane Cressan  will not have an operational role but an advisory role.

A tailor-made duo for the Bleu Océane tailoring workshop that can now benefit from their expertise in the luxury and textile industry! Strengthening made in France, investing in clean textile treatments, training new talents, the textile manufacturer Bleu Océane is taking a new impetus under the sign of improvement and innovation.

« The adventure continues, always with the same passion for beauty, precise gesture, meticulous work. »

Rodolphe, Emmanuel et Stéphane

An evolution in line with the textile clothing market

Over the decades, Bleu Océane has been able to adapt to changes in the clothing market and the demands of its customers. Our ability to renew the world of the textile industry has allowed us to retain the biggest French fashion houses.

High-end and luxury fabricated, our textile workshop now takes care of all stages of the production process. From a sketch or a prototype, our team of experts selects with the customer the material, the fabric, the style that will materialize the model imagined by the creator. As a true partner, we accompany the creators to the finished product.
An exceptional product that meets the requirements of the prestigious houses with which we collaborate.
A sublime product that proudly represents luxury version made in France.

The common thread of our history: the passion for fashion and luxury

The Bleu Océane textile workshop has always brought together fashion professionals who are passionate about their profession.

All participate with passion and meticulousness in the influence of French fashion and luxury throughout the world.
Everyone likes to put themselves at the service of fashion designers to shape exceptional clothes.
All are fascinated by the work of making, from the search for materials to the assembly of the different pieces of a garment.
Housed for more than 40 years in the heart of a territory marked by the passion for textiles, our workshop has never stopped its quest for excellence. Day after day,the talents that compose it flirt with perfection with delights. The finish of the buttonhole, the sewing of the bottom of the shirt, the number of stitches per centimeter, every detail is meticulously cared for.

Materials, fabrics and sketches always arouse in our talents the same enthusiasm, the same vibrations.



MiF 360, 190 Quai de la Bataille de Stalingrad, 92130 Issy Les Moulineaux

« Emotions that guide and inspire them.
Emotions that lead them to create a unique product, a perfect garment.
No doubt, the magic of beauty operates every day in the bleu Océane textile workshop and its power seems ready to accompany us for a long time to come... »