Denim / jean

At Bleu Océane, Jean's canvas is a real passion. Denim blue colors our name, our history. The famous cotton canvas passes into our expert hands year after year. 

Our tailoring workshop is a reference in the field of the manufacture of Jean Denim's canvas clothing for the largest luxury houses in France. The world of Jean Denim has no secrets for us. Making Denim canvas, processing Jeans and cutting pieces in Jean, we master each step of the production of clothing and leather goods accessories in Denim Jean.

Jean, Jeans, Denim: the French leader in the production of denim canvas clothing explains everything

Specialized in the transformation and manufacture of jeans canvas, Bleu Océane brilliantly handles the notions that surround the Denim canvas. Over the years, the notions of Jean, Jeans and Denim have evolved gradually. A short history lesson around Denim Jean.

Jean, a solid and resistant fabric

Jean originally refers to a fabric made from cotton, wool, linen or hemp threads. Appearing in the thirteenth century in Italy, it is called "futaine de Genoa", its name referring to the city where it is produced. This resistant textile is then the raw material of workwear. From the sixteenth century, cotton fabric became popular in England. The name of the fabric is then transformed into "John" always in reference to the city of Genoa.

Denim, a cotton fabric less rigid than Jean

Denim is a 100% cotton material. Unlike Jean, this fabric is not dyed at the heart of the fiber. Less rigid than Jean, it is mainly used to make pants called Jeans. Often confused with the twill of Nîmes made from wool and silk, it seems that the term "Denim" comes from the contraction of the expression "De Nîmes". Nowadays, the terms "John" and "Denim" tend to merge.

Jeans, a Denim canvas trousers

Little used in France, the name "Jeans" is often replaced by "Jean" to evoke the famous pants designed from Denim canvas. The expression "a pair of Jeans" in English directs us towards the right formulation.


A complete mastery of the manufacturing process of Jean's canvas

Between craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, our tailoring workshop masters the entire production process of Jean's canvas. From the reception of raw materials through weaving, cutting and processing, our expertise and our dedicated machines guarantee you exceptional work.

The making of the Denim Jean canvas

Denim Jean canvas is a material either 100% cotton or mixed with elastane. It may contain :

  • natural fibres (flax, jute, hemp, ramie);
  • fibres derived from cellulose and created from wood pulp (Tencel, Lyocel, etc.);
  • artificial fibers mainly in Polyester but also in Polyamide and Polyurethane;
  • recycled fibres from the recovery of used fabrics.

The cutting of the pieces in Jean

Our tailoring workshop takes care of the cutting of the parts of the treated models. A high-performance cutting table allows our teams to optimize the placement of inserts on the slat. In this way, we minimize cutting waste on each piece.


The treatment of Jean's canvas

Our workshop is known in France for its exceptional know-how in specific treatments of jeans: stone-wash, snow, bleach, etc.

Our respect for the traditions of the past does not prevent us from being innovative on the challenges ahead. We are aware that traditional treatments of jeans canvas are very water-consuming. It is for this reason that our workshop is now moving towards new treatment processes that are more virtuous and ecological (laser, ozone). Our goal? Drastically reduce water consumption to treat textiles while offering a wide variety of treatments.
The laser machine acquired in 2018 by Bleu Océane is a cutting-edge technology in the clean processing of textiles. It allows us to offer an infinite creative panel to our customers in a preserved environmental concern:

  • controlled wear;
  • targeted aging;
  • measured destroys;
  • personalized and precise markings on the material.


A complete panel of Denim Jean pieces

The Bleu Océane clothing workshop manufactures for these prestigious customers very varied clothing and leather goods in Jean Denim.

Textile Men and Women Denim Jean

We master the manufacture of many models of clothing: jeans and jackets in Denim canvas,pants, skirts, dresses, shirts in Warp and weft, overalls, wetsuits, bombers and jackets

Textile leather goods Denim Jean

We offer our expertise to:

  • The selection of denim canvas panels: we choose the textures, aspects, type of washes and final treatments most suitable for the creation project.
  • Improving friction resistance: we select the right treatments to optimize the durability of the products.
  • The manufacture of bag accessories: we put our technical know-how at your service for the manufacture of accessories such as embroidered shoulder straps.