Design office

The biggest luxury houses entrust their creations to the Bleu Océane textile workshop. Based in France, our textile design office is responsible for translating their fashion drawings into volume. A work of great sensitivity that consists in sculpting the garment while respecting the creativity of the stylists. The experts of the textile design office have only one objective: to perfectly transpose the spirit of the sketch into the pattern and the prototype.

What is the role of the design office in a textile production project?

The textile design office is an in-depth technical design service composed of modellers and prototypists. Integrated into the textile workshop, he is responsible for making the basic canvases and patterns from the sketches of the creators. The textile design office can base its development work on a detailed technical sheet, inspiration, concept, sketch or fashion drawing..

Whatever the starting point, the design office of the Bleu Océane textile workshop accompanies you in the development of your product. Our experts immerse themselves in the values of your brand to offer you a technical study service that meets your requirements.

The different technical stages of the development process

After reading the stylist's briefing on his creative approach, the design office of the textile workshop materializes his ideas by proceeding in stages :

  • Volume research : the modellers of the technical study department compare the different ways of designing the model and retain the most efficient one.
  • Canvas manufacturing or digital development: modellers make a canvas that allows them to visualize the shape and represent the volumes.
  • Creation of the product pattern: the modellers transfer the elements of the canvas on a paper to obtain the patronage of the product and hand it over to the expert hands of the prototypists of the textile design office.
  • Creation of the fabric prototype : the design office entrusts the realization of the fabric prototype to the textile manufacturing workshop. The Sourcing department is responsible for finding the right fabric supplier for your textile creation.
  • Iterative process of fittings and retouching : the members of the textile design office organize fittings for the standardization stage of the product. This is an opportunity to check the fall of the fabric as well as different aesthetic details.
  • Validation of the prototype : the pattern of the prototype is adapted to the requirements of the specifications and to the series production. The textile design office draws up a detailed technical file that includes all the data of the product design.

Model making and prototyping :

The development phase of a collection is a crucial step that requires great sensitivity. The modellers and prototypists of the textile design office Bleu Océane master the art of feeling and interpreting the sketches of the stylists.
Our technical study service gives volume to fashion designs taking into account the sensitivity specific to each fashion designer. A quality exchange between the designer and the members of the textile design office is set up throughout the product development phase.

Our textile manufacturing company always sets the same goal for each project: to respect the limitless creativity of the stylists and to sublimate it thanks to our technical and artistic expertise.




the art of feeling the spirit of a sketch


The Bleu Océane technical study department

an expert team in the realization of style

The realization of style is a major step in the development of a textile product. To ensure its success, our textile workshop relies on the expertise of experienced modellers and prototypists. Year after year, they accompany the biggest fashion houses in France during their textile creation process.
In collaboration with the modellers, the prototypists develop your textile products in accordance with your specifications. Real technical advisors, these experts make several proposals for assembling your product in order to offer you the best version of your textile project. Throughout the development of the products, the textile design office relies on dedicated software to make your textile project a reality :

  • Technical drawing : bill of materials (ESTELLE software) and standardized drawing (ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR software).
  • Calculation of the textile PRI (Industrial Cost Price) : PRI system software.
  • Patronage : digitization or molding then modifications on existing bases on LECTRA (MODARIS V8 software).


« Place your textile creation project in the expert hands of the members of our textile design office to bring all your inspirations to life. »

The textile design office in the Bleu Océane way, in summary...

Our technical design department stands out from other textile design offices by combining rigor and sensitivity.
With each textile project, our design office mobilizes all its artistic and technical means to give life to your fashion designs.


Receiving the style drawing


  • The technical study department takes the time to analyze the fashion design and soak up the spirit of the stylist.

Creation of the technical drawing

  • Detail of the design with different stitching and seam sections (mounting cut)
  • Search for technological solutions to industrialize the product
  • Nomenclature
  • Standardized drawing

Creation of time range and costing

  • Decomposition of an operation (operation analysis)
  • Assembly range for mass production (sequence of different operations to manufacture the product in chronological order with completion time per operation)
  • Collection of prices and nomenclature for the calculation of the PRI
  • Calculation of textile production cost


  • Digitization or molding
  • Modifications on existing bases
  • Extraction and validation of measurement tables
  • Mini-plot with seam values
  • Industrial development and dimming
  • Control material withdrawal (laundry) and application of withdrawals on the patronage
  • Fitting with stylist