Textile workshop, the company Bleu Océane is specialized in the work of blur

For us, the realization of soft clothes is an art in its own right.

The molding and assembly of the models require remarkable finesse. Fabrics must be worked by hand to create unique effects. Thin and light materials require constant attention. We stay the course at every stage of making to offer you excellence. Every day, we put our precious craftsmanship at the service of the largest luxury houses in France.

What is Fuzzy Sewing ?

In sewing workshops, the Technique of Blur is opposed to that of tailor depending on the type of clothing made. 

A common distinction in the world of fashion, these two types of clothing distinguish soft clothing and structured clothing.

  • TheFlou workshop is dedicated to the realization of dresses in light materials such as silk, veil or organdi. Other types of clothing can be made in these delicate fabrics.
  • TheTailor workshop specializes in the construction of structured pieces such as jackets requiring more structured work and more complex cuts.

Fuzzy sewing therefore refers to the manufacture of soft, unstructured clothing that is not adjusted to the body and can be draped. In the world of couture and luxury fashion, we talk about textile sculptures.

No doubt, the work of blur is a real art !

Confection française luxe de pièces en flou

Materials and clothing from the fuzzy shapemaker

As a Flou shaper, the company Bleu Océane works with a wide range of fine and delicate materials. Silks, muslins, satins, pancakes, organzas, cotton poplins, tulles, lace, English embroidery, velvet breakdowns and other technical fabrics pass into the hands of the blurring experts of our tailoring workshop.


Cut from fuzzy materials, light fabrics are mainly used to make dresses. But other pieces also require an equally meticulous execution in our workshop: tunics, blouses, shirts, blouses, tops, sarouels, loose pants, jumpsuits, skirts, etc.


The blur technique :
a fine work
of making

If today we no longer speak of a little hand, the seamstress Flou keeps a major role in the garment workshop. Unlike the tailor, the materials worked are particularly fine and fragile. These flexible and delicate fabrics require tailor-made skills :

  • A specific know-how: embroidery, embroidered carnations, honeycomb, pleated, sun pleats, Venice days, lace inlays, sequins, etc.
  • A sharp technical mastery: bumblebees, tissue hems, hand finishes, etc.
  • A finesse of the point: lingery buttonholes, English seams, etc.
  • A delicate cutting operation: the cutting work is carried out on soft and thin fabrics that require great delicacy.

Each Flou sewing professional at Bleu Océane has the training and experience required to make flexible garments of great complexity. They master all stages of manufacturing: pattern, cut, frame, assembly, sewing and finishing.

« Entrust us with the making of your pieces made in a thin, light and flexible fabric: evening dresses, shirts, blouses, stops, etc. You are guaranteed to benefit from a high-end rendering for all your textilecreations.»

Model making techniques adapted to the materials

Flou sewing requires professional rigor at each level of tailoring. Depending on the material, the implementation of tailor-made operations and the use of dedicated equipment are required.


It is essentially the making of dresses, skirts, pants and tops often draped.

  • Specific machines: for example, overlay points.
  • Specific operations: for example, rest of the fabric for at least 24 hours before cutting.


They include the making of velvet lamb, dipped lamb and Nappa pieces.

  • Specific machines: e.g. single scalpel cutting, cookie cutters.
  • Specific operations: for example, gluing of seams, special thermobonding.

Bleu Océane: a high-end blurred sewing workshop


Collaborating with the company Bleu Océane for the design of soft clothing means having the guarantee of benefiting from:

  • Know-how made in France;
  • Expertise in high-end and luxury textiles;
  • Dedicated state-of-the-art equipment;
  • A quality control system;
  • A customer culture based on listening, trust and support.

Our Flou sewing workshop brings together women and men who participate with passion and rigor in the influence of French luxury craftsmanship. Over the years, we have forged relationships of trust with the most prestigious fashion houses in France. Every day, we make sure to transcribe their values of creativity and excellence. The clothes we manufacture are the expression of exceptional know-how and a very sharp technical mastery.

« At Bleu Océane, the clothes we manufacture are always characterized by a sense of detail pushed to the extreme. We strive for excellence at every stage of design and manufacturing. Each creation is unique. Each confection is experienced as an adventure. »