Material sourcing

The selection of raw materials forms the basis for the development of Bleu Océane's textile products. From the raw material to the finished product, our job is to strive for excellence and creativity at every stage of textile production. A permanent research work that has always been close to our hearts.

What is Material Sourcing?

Material sourcing is an essential step in the textile production process. It consists in finding the right fabrics for each model of a clothing collection by respecting different quality criteria.

Raw materials are a key element in the success of textile creation. Exceptional fabrics stand out for the yarns and fibers that compose them. The latter bring them all their creativity and technology. The most upstream selection stage of the textile chain,material sourcing is the subject of all our attention.


The different stages of material sourcing

Our textile workshop takes care of each step of the material sourcing :

  • Search for samples : evaluation of the different textures and colors suitable for sublimating the clothes to be made.
  • Sample validation : selection of the best option to perfectly bring out the spirit of the clothing brand.
  • Evaluation of the quantities of fabric needed to manufacture the garments : footage of the prototype to avoid unnecessary waste.
  • Order and payment of selected coupons : purchases of fabrics and other raw materials.
  • Reception of the fabric at the textile workshop : production can begin.
  • Realization of composition labels by the Sourcing department.

Material Sourcing,
an expert's affair

Material sourcing is a very delicate field that requires real expertise.

As a textile manufacturer, we know that there are many suppliers and that their skills vary according to the requirements of the client. We are also aware that social ethics, sustainable development and the implementation of eco-responsible manufacturing are not always at the rendezvous.

The observation is without appeal. The quality of creations in the world of fashion and luxury depends on the choice of textile suppliers. Our experience in the field of sourcing and textile manufacturing is a real added value at the crucial moment of the choice and purchase of raw materials.

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The selection of raw materials is the starting point for textile making. Trust Bleu Océane to give a good start to your textile project!

Our fabric library allows you to start your textile manufacturing project in the best conditions. Each season, our sales teams gather a wide selection of materials. Thanks to this meticulous research work, our fabric library brings together 1500 references.

Our goal ? Offer our customers a complete choice at all levels : weaves, colors, weight of materials. The time of a particularly rigorous selection,we spot only high-end textiles. Origin, quality, relevance (market trend or timeless basic), our high selection criteria give you access to innovative and exclusive materials.

The management of material sourcing in the Bleu Océane way,
in summary…

Our textile sourcing strategy is particularly effective.
Every year, our company's experts bring together :

  • 1500 references and varieties of fabrics;
  • timeless, trendy and unprecedented  quality materials;
  • labelled cotton materials;
  • GOTS fabrics  manufactured with respect for workers and guaranteed ecological;
  • materials from the textile know-how of different countries  (France, Italy, Spain, countries of the East and Asia).